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Buddy Club is a special savings club for kids and teens 17 years old and younger.

With a $5.00 savings account you may become a member of the Buddy Club and can start earning interest immediately, with the added benefit of a dormancy waiver.  That means because you start earning interest with just $5.00 your account won't go inactive! 

The ownership of your Buddy Club is optional.  It can be set up as an individual account that allows you to manage your funds.  Or, it can be set up as a custodial account, generally with a parent, who will turn the money over to you when needed for your benefit, or when you reach 18 years of age. 

Upon opening your Buddy Club you will receive a complimentary piggy bank to keep your money in, between trips to the credit union.  You will also be entered into a quarterly drawing for a monetary prize.  Once your account balance reaches $500.00 consider opening a Junior Savings Certificate and earn more interest on your money!


Savings for Kids!