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Sharedraft Checking Account

A share (savings) account with a balance of $40.00 is required to open a sharedraft account.

Are you looking for the ideal sharedraft account with no monthly or annual fees?  

Our sharedraft account has no monthly or annual fees.  We don't even require a minimum balance!  

All that we request is that you are 17 years old and make a minimum deposit of $25.00 for your first check order.

Services offered with our sharedraft account:

                                   - Debit Cards (Must be 18 years of age and have a minimum 90 days satisfactory activity in the checking to qualify)

                                   - Overdraft Protection* (Overdraft transfers occur from your Share (savings) account in $50.00 increments or the                                                                              full balance to cover the draft)

                                  - Copies of a draft or ACH item are available*

                                  - Stop Payments* (A signature is required for permanent stop payments, non-signature requests 
                                                                 are only valid for 14 calendar days; permanent stop payments are good for the

                                                                life of the check (6 months) unless request it be taken off earlier.)

                                  - 40 free draft clearings per month additional clearings may be charged a fee*